Wind-Up Erin Daughtrey at East of Edith Monday & Free Tix!!!

ImageDid you know that Erin Daughtrey was the first poet from Albuquerque whom I booked without EVER having heard her read? Sometimes I do that with out-of-towners after research and reading, but in town is less frequent. How did it happen? Why? She signed up for a poet’s page local poets guild and I read her short poem excerpt and could tell she had good imagery and she cared about language and craft.

From the poem, “the night wind””

“…when I step outside
it holds me still and straight as bones –
like binding me head to toe in silk,
pressing against my skin until my whole body breathes.
my lungs fill up with living and my arms
fly out like sails….”

So I gave her a slot in the Roost Creative Soundspace. And she was great… so now I am happy to say she’s back for a feature at East of Edith, this Monday May 21 at 7 pm at the Projects  (3614 High Street NE, east of edith, just north of candelaria, through the garage doors). We will also have our usual open mic and I’m the host this week, the host in a hammock, and I’ll be godwilling dressed as Frida Kahlo (may even dye my hair for it) and reading poems by Jaime Sabines, a renowned Mexican poet who once did a 60 Minutes type interview entirely from a hammock due to a bum hip. He is one of my favorite poets from Chiapas, who I have been lucky to receive a steady stream of translations of his work via Mitch Rayes for 18 years. Resonance was instant. The Kahlo imagery, if I can pull it off, is because I’m being decadent with my descent into the godawful summer.

Most of you know I have MS, but way back they used to diagnose MS with THE HOT BATH TEST. The test was easy: take a hot bath and if you cannot walk or see properly or get dizzy after getting warm, you have MS. That profound heat sensitivity which is a side effect of lesions in the brain becoming reinflamed is known as Uhthoff’s Syndrome (thus I named my perty little pitbull who is now the projects warehouse dog, “Uhthoff,” and refer to him as my sweet sun sensitivity).

Anyhow, June is the last month I’ll probably be able to make any public events other than night owl stuff and so I intend to catch as much as possible. I’m even offering a writing to heal class during June. Come July, I enter hermitage. This is annual. Don McIver will run things while I work behind the scenes. And Mitch Rayes too will coordinate some bonus summer programming. I’m being extra extravagant in my enjoyment of these last events because I am navigating a lot of pain currently and just returned to wheelchair for about 85% of my days. I can still walk, but if I walk much my torso spasms increase and I can’t breathe or eat. I like breathing and eating. So I like the chair. Pain can also make you too stupid to think, and I also like thinking. So it goes.

Oh, I”m wound up, which is extra appropriate, because Monday night I have two pairs of tickets to give away to a rare reading by the author of THE WIND UP GIRL, Paolo Bacigalupi. The event is co sponsored by AMP Concerts and Neal Copperman was kind enough to give us tickets.

THis is the event info (which you can also find at the AMP link above):

Bookworks, ABC Libraries and AMP Concerts present
Paolo Bacigalupi
Sunday, June 3rd @ 6:00 pm
1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque
Price range 17.99-22.99

Best poems read Monday night at the end of the open mic which respond to this question (which Paolo’s book does) win:

What Happens when bio-terrorism becomes a tool for corporate profits? And what happens when said bio-terrorism forces humanity to the cusp of post-human evolution?

***Decision will be made by someone swinging in the hammock, other than me. I’ll be looking for a judge…

Got it? Just write a poem. And hear a good reading.

Catch you soon,

Lisa Gill