Sometimes Out Back – A Poem by Aaron Ambrose – (L)INK: The Write Disability

And today we get a message from poet Aaron Ambrose!

“Hey Albuquerque, I’m super excited to head on down the highway in my 87′ corolla with a stack of poems, a fresh haircut and whole lotta love for the most righteous and brilliant poetry community there is. I’m also thrilled that I get to be part of this series of disability centered events helping to connect poetry to the larger disability justice movement. This is my favorite piece right now.”

Sometimes out back

a host of sparrows explodes from the tree top outward in all directions
i can feel the lift of it
the stirring air and for that brilliant skyward moment
it all lifts with them
the heavy growl of traffic
the dangerous hum of humans
all the well lodged voices in my head that condemn me
its all your fault echoes
of my own voice falling in the heat from the bed
toward the dirty carpet
when will this
be over
the sounds they all lift
with the birds
exploding stirring up ghosts and history
and a sense of tomorrow
when there’s a chance of change
as good as a rest
i want to take off toward
and outward
take off lost and happy
take off yearsof lonely
keep this feeling well lodged inside
my chest
my chest brimming with sudden hope sparrows.

About Aaron:

Aaron Ambrose was raised working class in Rochester, NY and has called New Mexico home since 95′. Aaron is not only as queer as the day is long but also a step-parent, farmer, weaver, handyman and resale queen. A life navigating chronic illness/disability, addiction, homelessness, love, loss and so much more delivered her into the arms of poetry. With a natural flare for drama, the written word quickly progressed to spoken word many years ago. Aarons’ writing comes from the desire to not just survive but to connect, find joy, kick some ass and do something about the mess of the world.

You can hear Aaron as one of three features in a special edition of OUTspoken at the Cell Theater 7 pm Thursday May 10th (700 first street NW just south of Lomas… suggested $5 donation…

Or you can hear her along with Denise Leto of San Francisco, Kenny Fries of Toronto, Mary McGinnis of Santa Fe, Lisa Gill of Albuquerque, and Natalie E. Illum of Washington, DC on Friday, May 11 at 7:30 pm @ the Outpost Performance Space $15/10 members and students
And she’s also participating in our 4 pm panel discussion with other Link participants (WHICH PRECEDES A COMMUNITY OPEN MIC) at the downtown Library on May 12th.

For details on the full schedule, see

Much obliged,
Rich Boucher