Hello Albuquerque! – A Message, Some Questions, and a Poem by Denise Leto – (L)INK: The Write Disability

Hello Albuquerque!
Ideas I hope to explore, in conversation with you, during the (L)ink events:
How does disability and embodiment affect your work? What can poetry in an off-page environment offer? Is poetry always performative? What are the poetics of collaboration? How can poets best collaborate with other artists working in different media and forms? How can “voice”—poetic, spoken, sung, spliced, printed, broken, imagined, signed, drawn, painted, recorded—be a cipher of the poets relationship to language and to the larger community?
A Poem by Denise Leto:
Crane of Angles
The earth crept, lurched upward, and took sudden hold of her shoulders.
Plagued them stratospherically forward. The ground became her neck.
Down the avenue the ringmaster. Though there were many tiny acrobats
twisting the length of her legs making them whinny. Her proprioceptive
tap dance drew spontaneous crowds, cagey looks. Flush with a string of lights
beginning in the lowest quadrant of her brain, where it becomes the body.
A toy helix in off beam hands careening the sidewalk. Everything that isn’t
Daphne. Cycles in her rapidly blinking eyes. The torque of feet and to think
this is what. Closer to the movement of planets.
Denise Leto (San Francisco) is an experimental poet, writer, and Senior Editor at UC Berkeley. She is the co-author of Waveform,  and a contributor to: Beauty is a VerbWordgatheringAufgabe; Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multi-Cultural PoetryMELUS: The Journal for the Society of Multi-Ethnic Literature in the US; and more. She was guest editor for  Sinister Wisdom and co-founder of Three Guineas Press. She has been a Fellow at Djerassi Resident Artist Program as well as a Fellow for the University of Michigan’s Research and Practice Symposium on Movement, Somatics and Writing.  She is working on amulti-media docu-book, Day Jobs: What Poets, Writers, Artists, and Dancers Do for Living. She moves through the world with dystonia.

Catch Denise Friday May 11th for a featured performance 7:30 pm at the Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale SE).
And join us again when she gives a presentation Saturday Morning on performance strategies and multimedia work 10:30 am at Tricklock’s new performance Laboratory (110 Gold SW).  And you can also hear her Saturday afternoon in the 4 pm panel discussion at the main library downtown which is followed by a community open mic.
For full schedule of (L)INK: The Write Disability see — https://localpoetsguild.wordpress.com/about-link-the-write-disability/


Much Obliged,

Rich Boucher