four poets talk MEAN and influence people





This Saturday April 14th from 4 pm to 5:30 the spring program coordinator for Local Poets Guild, Tanaya Winder, hosts another installment of Verso Quatro, our panel discussion series.  This time, Tanaya has come up with a great theme: MEANNESS in poetry.

Nick De Pascal, Jennifer Krohn, Brian Hendrickson, and Nora Hickey will read poems and discuss Tony Hoagland’s essay, “Negative Capability: How to Talk Mean and Influence People.”

Hoagland writes:

Meanness, the very thing which is unforgivable in human social life, in poetry is thrilling and valuable. Why?

Come check out the way these four writers show how anything goes when a writer’s truth is laid out on the page…

Verso Quatro

featuring Nick De Pascal, Jennifer Krohn, Brian Hendrickson, Nora Hickey and moderated by Tanaya Winder

Saturday April 14th

4-5:30 PM

at the Projects

3614 High Street NE