Monday April 9 East of Edith Features Emily Morelli

7 pm Monday April 9 East of Edith features Emily Morelli with hosts Lisa Gill and Jennifer Krohn at the Projects 3614 High STreet NE (east of Edith and north of Candelaria). Here’s a quick one-poem taste of the kind of poetry Emily writes. Can’t wait to hear her set! And don’t forget, East of Edith is also an open mic. Come read, come listen, enjoy!

St. John’s Feast Valley Falls , Rhode Island*

The band blares John Philip Sousa right into the ear

of the Virgin, who is chipped and weighs a ton.

She wants to get off the pedestal, but the four

Portuguese Dads biting their lips as they

shoulder the poles won’t relent.

They heft her down Broad Street and

around Calvary Cemetery , crunching acorns on the macadam.

She longs for another person’s songs,

anything but the anthems and the doggerel,

chatter and noise in the procession, the church,

the cemetery. She whiffs the red

wine-soaked beef, salted and turned

on the spit over the abyss of charcoal

they’ve lit for the crowd—the twins in matching

ankle socks and dresses and black-laced avós whose

pleasure hides in their mouths:

the meat and pão and heavy

red wine. That’s where the Virgin wants to sit—

next to the old women on the scratchy cross-hatchings

of aluminum folding chairs, near the hissing,

tongue-clucking, immaculate gossip.

–By Emily Morelli

 “I grew up in Burrillville, Rhode Island and have lived in Colorado and Massachusettes. I’ve lived in Albuquerque for ten years, and have been writing poetry, fiction and essays for what seems to be a long time, now. I’ve recently published in Prarie Schooner and Tuesday: An Art Project, and have several poems forthcoming in an anthology of Portuguese-American poets. I’m currently working on a couple of collections of poems.”

*sorry the blog wouldn’t preserve stanza breaks….