Sunday Readings and Speaker This Week

On the second and fourth sundays of the month from noon to two, a small group of us get together and read essays about poetry. We usually get through about three essays, sharing the reading out loud one paragraph at a time, and then discussing each article and examining our own beliefs about writing and process.

I host this session at a community room in Silver Gardens apartments at 100 Silver Ave SW between 1st and 2nd streets by the train station. RSVP to me and I’ll send the articles in advance as PDFs so you can print them and have them ready to read from on Sunday. I will also send you my phone number so you can call if you are late. (Building has security and I have to let you in.)

This Sunday the 11th, we’ll read two articles, one hugo and one gluck, and then around 1 pm we’ll have a guest speaker. John Amen who is visiting will talk about poetry and we’ll continue the discussion.

Let me know if you want to come, nearartexperience at yahoo dot com.


lisa gill