Seconding A Call for Submissions to 200 New Mexico Poems


Friends, there is a fantastic New Mexico-based online literary journal called 200NewMexicoPoems, and the editor, Lisa Hase-Jackson, is still looking for submissions! From the journal’s About page:

“200New MexicoPoems: 100 Poems Celebrating the Past, 100 More for the Future is a dynamic celebration ofNew Mexico’s centennial through poetry. Its mission is to promote a broader understanding of the state’s unusual beauty and delicate ecology as well as foster a greater awareness of its distinct blend of cultural influences. Above all, the project will show thatNew Mexico’s enchantment is derived from its people, its stories, and the aesthetics of its environment.”

If you have not checked out 200NewMexicoPoems yet, I urge you to do so! And submit, also, if you have not yet done so.

Full Disclosure: I have a poem published on there. But never mind that. Go and read all the other magnificent poems on there. This is a New Mexico-specific and quite remarkable literary journal!


Rich Boucher