The Luck of Listening

From the pen of Don McIver:

I am a lucky guy.   Not only am I blessed with creativity, good friends, love, and more, but I live in a town that is conscious, thoughtful and creative.   Sometimes I forget this.  Sometimes I crawl up on my soapbox and want to proclaim that things would be better if this didn’t happen, or things would be better is they listened to me.   But sometimes, I’m lucky, and I decide to listen.  And though I was on the bill, I was lucky because I got to listen.  On Sunday, March 5th, 2012, at the Outpost Performance Space, John Crawford, Amanda Sutton, and others decided to put together a really great line-up of people who needed to to vent but also add their voices to the chorus of voices about the injustice, the short-sightedness, the racism of the Tucson Unified School Districts not only living up to the letter of HB 2281, but going even further by banning certain texts.   As a teacher, this strikes me as stupid.   As an American, it strikes me as counter to everything we say we value.  And as a human, it strikes me as, simply, wrong.   So a day after being so blessed to hear the thoughtful words of fellow poets, I’m humbled and grateful.  I’m humbled that my words were part of the show, were part of the gestalt that made this night one for the record books.   So thank you Richard Vargas, Margaret Randall, Levi Romero, Mary Oishi, Gary Brower, Andrea Serrano, Jessica Helen Lopez, Hakim Bellamy, Carlos Contreras, Tanaya Winder, Yasmeen Najmi, and Brian Hendrickson.  In addition, thank you SWOP and Los Jardines Institute.  Words and ideas matter, and tonight they made the world…better.
Don McIver