Welcome to our Spring Program Coordinator

Hi again,

So next I want to welcome Tanaya Winder as our new Spring Program Coordinator. Before I throw my arms around her with a huge hug of gratitude, let me explain to you how the new structure will work.

My new co-artistic director Don McIver and I will be handling all the basic behind the scenes work, grant writing, archive, reading room, classes, and also all our outreach projects where we work to insert poetry into unexpected contexts, like music shows, like galleries. These include our collaborations that are ongoing with Sunday Chatter (formerly Church of Beethoven) and also 516 ARTS and Globalquerque (Yasmine Najmi is also already on board to help with that showcase). So we do the basics… and yet another team of people also help me run East of Edith open mic and feature.

Then comes the exciting part and the change. We are offering 3 “Awards of our Trust” to three program coordinators each year. Spring, Summer, and Fall. (In winter we’ll go dark for planning). We trust them to bring us good shows and to have a unique way of valuing the literary community. Each coordinator will be responsible for the primary programming of LPG–including the Triptych series, the Pear Craft talks, and the Verso Quatro panel discussions, plus one event of their choice. They’ll also be editing a broadside. These positions will rotate each season, about every 14 weeks, and again the following year. We hope that this will allow a whole new group of people to step up to leadership roles in the poetry community and allow all of us to “hear” through their eyes. We will enjoy the showcases they want to sponsor.

Tanaya Winder is first up. I’m so happy that she’s accepted the position and am very excited about the events she has planned. If you don’t know Tanaya, let me introduce you to her as I also welcome her and invite you to welcome her also.

Tanaya Winder is from the Southern Ute and Duckwater Shoshone Nations. She was a finalist in the 2009 Joy Harjo Poetry Competition and a winner of the A Room Of Her Own Foundation’s Spring 2010 Orlando prize in poetry. Tanaya’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Cutthroat magazineAdobe Walls, Superstition Review, Kweli, and Drunkenboat among others. She holds a BA from Stanford University and is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of New Mexico where she teaches composition and introduction to creative writing.

 Her writing has always impressed me and she keeps getting stronger and stronger. She’s an important voice in American Literature already–and I can’t wait until she has a book. When I asked her to do this–she said yes almost immediately and had her shows planned within a few hours!!! She’s amazing as a writer and person and I’m grateful that she also wants to give back to the community. She has a huge heart and I’m so happy that she’s curating some shows for us, look forward to hearing all the poets she wants to introduce to the community. At the end of her tenure, we’ll also be featuring her reading her own work at East of Edith.

The first show, our first major LPG event of the year, is Triptych at 4:00-5:30 this Saturday March 3rd at the Projects 3614 High Street NE (just east of edith and north of candelaria) and features Casandra Lopez, David Andrew Talamantes, and Natalie Scenters-Zapico. More Details on that tomorrow–for now, please Welcome Tanaya and mark your calendar for Saturday.

(PS. Our summer coordinator will be Mitch Rayes–and we have someone special lined up for the fall also.)

More soon,

Lisa Gill