Hand-To-Tongue: Reed, Tanaya, Teresa

This Saturday at 1 pm in the Wells Fargo Theater at the National Hispanic Culture Center, Local Poets Guild presents Hand-to-Tongue: A Celebration of Threatened Languages with Reed Adair Bobroff, Tanaya Winder, and Teresa Blankmeyer Burke. This showcase is our collaboration with the amazing world music festival Globalquerque, takes place during the free daytime programming of the Global Fiesta, and is going to be powerful: a look at the loss of Native languages, the work of preservation of Navajo, the joy and intimacy of American Sign Language—with sign language and vocal interpreters on site to make everything accessible. Poet Sari Krosinsky has written a nice article for UNM today which gives a bit more background and information.

Reed, at 17, has already been featured on HBO as part of their look at Brave New Voices, the national Youth Slam. Tanaya, still in progress with her MFA at UNM, has been winning prestigious awards left and right for poems, including one from AROHO. Teresa might well be the first deaf woman in this country to earn her PhD in Philosophy. Me, I’ll be the proud host, eager to take in everything they have to say–or sign!

Please join us. And remember, the Global Fiesta runs from 10:30 to 4:oo with all kinds of amazing events and languages. See this link for the schedule.

And you won’t want to miss all the world music festivities of Friday and Saturday night either, so check out the schedule and affordable pricing here at this link.

Big weekend. More posts forthcoming.