Solo Show with Don McIver at East Of Edith

This coming Monday, September 12th, at 7:00 pm, at the Projects 3614 High Street NE is once again our open mic called East of Edith. This week you will have the opportunity to hear Don McIver perform his one-man show that premiered at Solofest. I’m thrilled he’s bringing it out again and encourage everyone to attend this event. One thing you need to know is that this show is ABOUT being a writer. Wow, do we all have some self-exploration to do on that subject… and now we have Don to help guide us to some real thought. Check out what Don McIver says about his piece titled “On Being a Writer”:

As an artist, I believe in the power of words to solve problems:   personal, societal, public, private, etc.   I believe that words, and finding the right combination of them, is a transformative experience, a chance at tapping into a larger creative force that shapes us all.   While I acknowledge that I create something, I am merely a vehicle for its birth into the world. And thus, the highest compliment I can pay to that creative force is to honor the work by trying to be as authentic and as selfless as possible.  This piece demonstrates that belief by asking what it means to be an artist.

“On Being A Writer” is a meditation on the decision the author made in high school to become a writer and what that means some 28 years later.   Incorporating poems, the piece is a discussion about the frustration, challenges, and rewards of choosing writing, particularly creative writing, as a career.

A must-see show! And don’t forget, this work simply kicks off an always stellar open mic. A rotating cast of hosts is being organized by the ever-kind Rich Boucher, so I’m not sure who’s up next—but let me say: Surprise is good.

Open mic has a two-poem under four minutes limit, and people often read one of their own and a favorite classic or contemporary poet. Grand fun. Come out, enjoy, eat some lovely snacks, and all we ask is that you toss a couple bucks into the hat if you can.