Lasting Mondays: What Was, What Will Be

Nasser Khan was our first feature at East of Edith and he was fabulous. He’s new to the scene so if you missed it, you probably haven’t had a chance to meet him. Here’s a small part of his bio:

Nasser M. Khan is a first generation American whose family came to the U.S. from Pakistan. He has a degree in Media Arts from UNM and spent his early career working in the mental health field. While incarcerated, Nasser developed and taught classes including poetry, Islamic studies, reading, GED, and nonviolent communication.

He even read works that were written collaboratively in prison and represented multiple voices. Here’s a small part of a facebook exchange that happened on my page after the event.

Aaron Greenwood, who attends the Local Poets Guild open mic almost every Monday and usually brings fruit or healthy snacks, wrote: “When Nasser was at the mic the title of the Baba Ram Das book “Be Here Now” floated into my consciousness. Nasser was so in the moment. I can say the same thing about East of Edith in its totality. There is good energy there, I always feel at home, it is healing in some ways.”

Yasmeen Najmi, a great poet in her own right, wrote: “[Nasser] has an amazing and riveting presence.”

So who’s on deck for next Monday August 29th at 7:00 pm?

None other than Albuquerque’s beautiful Tracey Dahl. This time we’ll actually be passing the hat to help her out during a difficult time, and we’re just grateful that she feels up for sharing her work now.

Tracey is a whirlwind of an image-smith, and has a gift for language that is unparalleled. She also has a knack for historical work, and has been publishing and teaching and coaching…. giving of herself often. Come out for a great open mic and a HOT feature next week! And the Monday after that? Aaron Trumm with band! More soon….

The way we do it is that the feature is slid into the middle of the open mic…. and if you haven’t been to the event yet, it’s a two-poem limit, four-minute max for each person on the sign-up list. Often people read one classic favorite or introduce us to a new contemporary voice, and then partner that with one of their own. Some read only one poem. It’s all good.

We also provide coffee, lemonade, snacks, and simply ask for donations.

Join us every Monday night 7pm at the Projects 3614 High Street NE (east of edith and just north of candelaria, through the open garage doors)


Eric Bodwell, working behind the scenes for poetry for a long time, including Poetry and Beer, Tourrettes without Regrets, and more… pays good heed to touring poets and the performance scene

Jennifer Krohn, a fine literary sensibility with a fairy tale bent and straight out of the MFA program at UNM

Cathy Arellano, poet, teacher, author, lesbian Latina who grew up in San Francisco’s Mission district, books coming soon…

And myself: author of 5 books of poetry, recipient of NEA, most recently included in the anthology  Beauty Is A Verb


Thanks Everyone,


–Lisa Gill