East of Edith goes FEATURE CREATURE

Hi everyone,

I have been absolutely loving the weekly open mic East of Edith. That takes place every Monday night at 7PM at the Projects, the new warehouse theater run by Mitch Rayes at 3614 High Street NE. I am also very grateful to everyone who has helped share the role of host for the event. Now, after I can’t remember how many months of weekly open mics, we’re launching features before the open mic.

I’ve invited three other people to help me coordinate the features. I’m happy to say that the organizing committee consists of myself, Eric Bodwell, Jennifer Krohn, and Cathy Arellano. We’ll do our best to keep our ears to the ground and bring attention to some stellar voices who can complement the already thriving reading.

Check out the first irresistible features:

  • August 22 Nasser M. Khan (a new voice to the scene, more info today)
  • August 29 Tracey Dahl (a fundraiser to help her during challenging times)
  • Sept 5 Aaron Trumm with band… (Glad he’s back in town)
  • Sept 12 Don McIver (one-man micro-show about being a poet)
  • Sept 19 Brendan Constantine (from LA making a return visit)
  • Sept 26 Beata Tsosie-Peña (from Santa Clara Pueblo)

And October is also hot and will kick off with Olivia Gatwood hopefully, then feature Marya Errin Jones, Tanaya Winder, and Cathy Arellano.

Events are free but we do encourage donations. For the next few months, we’re trying to raise enough money to install a heater in the Projects so we can keep the place warm enough to use it for performances in the winter. Thanks to all the featured poets who are donating their time and energy… If we can reciprocate the kindness by getting a good attendance out, all is well in the world. Oh and I’m hopeful that many will have merch and books to sell.

Watch for a post with more info about Nasser coming soon.


Lisa Gill