Ye Old Transitions Are A Coming!!!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”— Mahatma Gandhi

Change is good. Local Poets Guild is going through a lot and more is forthcoming. Among other things, on the very practical front, I wanted to let you know that beginning in October we’re going to make the shift to a full fledged website with lots  of new and cool features including a little bookstore and easier structures and usability.

The blog will continue and what we’ve done will remain in the archives…. and with help from a great designer (and artist and musician) Melody Mock, I’m hoping that we’ll also end up with a good calendar that’s both easy to update and easy to read and access…. A lot of thought is going into this transition, and there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to do.

In October, I’m also going to be shifting to a new email list serve system for a whole ton of reasons, so that’s in transition too.

What all of this means, in practical terms, is that ALL of our pages including the indivdual poets pages will have to be rebuilt….. Everything will have to be rebuilt. That’s just a matter of time and a bit of TLC, doable.

However—-AND HERE’S THE RUB—until we make the transition,  all new pages for reference and individual poets will be PLACED ON HOLD. Postponed. Rainchecked. Ask for your patience, kind of deal.

All in time. The change will be good…