Celebrating Threatened Languages

Local Poets Guild has just confirmed that members of the NM branch of the Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai Okinawan Dance/Music School will be participating in a Celebration of Threatened Languages at this year’s Global Fiesta during ¡Globalquerque!

On September 17th during the free daytime events at Albuquerque’s amazing world music festival, this two-part presentation will  include Sesotho, Navajo, Hawaian, and American Sign Language, as well as Okinawan.

Local Poets Guild is working with Georgeanne Gregory of Ho Anumpoli to curate and support this celebration of human spirit and the versatility of language.

Local Poets Guild hopes to curate two of these events per year and couldn’t be happier than to offer the first one in conjunction with ¡Globalquerque!

An honor!

–lisa gill