June 28, 2011 – Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido in Pictures

If you did not get a chance to make it out to the inaugural night of the newest once-a-month open mic night in Albuquerque, Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido, allow me to say that you missed out on one hell of a night. My apologies to those whose snaps I took that do not appear here; my camera did not cooperate with me very well that night and so these are the best, most usable shots I could glean from the entire batch of snaps. Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido, held at the gorgeous El Chante: Casa de Cultura, was an absolute wonder of an open mic night and the house was nearly standing-room-only for the entire evening. It bears stressing that Andrea Serrano, in her capacity as host and organizer of this event, did something quite cool and unique with the format of this open mic night: no poets on the open mic were permitted to offer up introductions to their poems. The rule was/is this: get up and speak your poem. Let your poem speak for you. The audience was encouraged to yell out, “Speak, poet!” if any poets should happen to run afoul of the rule and start prefacing their work. For this first night, everyone kept to the guideline and this made for a most compelling structure for an open mic. Being permitted to simply say what the title of your poem is and nothing more presents an attractive challenge to poets who may be accustomed to a lot of back-story leg room at other open mics. The open mic was stunningly complimented/balanced by the works of visiting feature poets Cathy Arellano and Ara Cruz, both of whom offered engaging and captivating sets of poetry covering a full range of topics emotions, forms and voicings. Mixed in throughout the breaks in the night were the talents of DJ Chachi. I could rave some more, but I will simply say that this is a must-attend open mic. I would like to offer my gratitude to Andrea Serrano, Cathy Arellano, Ara Cruz, all the open mic participants and everyone at El Chante: Casa de Cultura for a wonderful evening.

Please have a look and enjoy the shots.

P.S. – We recommend, if you’re on Facebook, that you like and/or bookmark the Facebook page for this event; this night was only the first in a new, regular series!

All the best,

Rich Boucher