Ask and You Shall Receive

Summer is my weakest season, literally. Heat exacerbates the multiple sclerosis lesions in my brain and leaves me foggy, and often weak, or numb and in pain. When I overdo, and overheat, I pay. So in order to take a mini-break, I asked for some help hosting the weekly open mic East of Edith which takes place Mondays at 7pm at the Projects 3614 High Street NE. And people are here for me, and for the open mic, to keep it running while I need to stay home.

  • Tonight Mitch Rayes will host.
  • Next week for July 4th D. Koy hosts.
  • Jennifer Krohn has got July 11th.
  • And Jules Nyquist has July 18th.
  • The 25th is Rich Boucher.

As we always do at East of Edith, each host will add their own flavor by reading excerpts or short poems of their choice between each of the poets on the open mic. Even on the two-poem open mic, I love the way people are often reading one poem of their own, and one poem that moves them by a different author. We keep the good literary spirit of dialogue alive and healthy.

Have a great day and stay cool! I’ll see you around soon enough,

Lisa Gill