Last Night At East of Edith…Le Recappe

We had a small, intimate group at the East of Edith Open Mic last night, with Merimee Moffitt, Aaron Greenwood, Teresa Gallion, Mitch Rayes and Deb Coy. It’s certainly not about the numbers, though, as was clear from the great quality of work shared last night – we heard great original work as well as poems by Thich Nhat Hanh, Charles Bukowski, Jeffrey McDaniel and Joy Harjo. We all went up once with two poems, took a nice break (during which time everyone was able to enjoy the numerous goodies and snacks and libations on offer at the bench in the back), and then came back for a second half with one more poem from each poet, as well as a little experiment I wanted to conduct. I offered up a haiku of mine, and fibbed that it was something I “found” online. I read out just lines 1 and 2 of the haiku, and asked the poets to complete the haiku by composing a third line and sharing the haiku along with their final poem for the night. It was fascinating to hear what each poet did to this haiku of mine:

Crickets and frogs sing

To bring dawn from the evening

I’m a peeping tom

This is probably needless to say, but folks offered up way, WAY better final lines than my juvenile “I’m a peeping tom”. It was a lot of fun and I think folks enjoyed it. I also donated a couple of gifts to the reading: we now have a dedicated ice cooler and Brita-filter water pitcher for the venue. I came away from last night’s reading feeling very heartened by the really “organic” growth happening with this series.

Hope to see you there next time,

-Rich B

(East of Edith is an open mic that takes place on Mondays at the Projects, 3614 High Street NE at 7pm)