Heard of Poetry Hikes?

When I was in 7th grade, I decided to spend a summer hiking and writing poems with a friend. The end result was a collaborative xeroxed book of poems ranging from landscape and war poems (I was in Germany) to playground and water balloon poems. For whatever reason, even as a pre-teen I knew that nature fostered poetry.

Now recently, I’ve learned of the innovative and also innately meant-to-be poetry hikes that are being led by Aaron Greenwood. Instead of simply focusing on writing-in-nature, these walks celebrate poetry in beautiful landscapes. It’s an perfect partnering of two deep loves that should go together.

Aaron writes:

“Late Afternoon on the Bosque and an Evening of American Poetry” is a poetry hike sponsored by the ABQ Hiking and Outdoor Meetup and  Ars Poetica (a poetry social group).  Poetry hikes mix a love of poetry and nature.  Basically, these events involve a hike, pot luck and the business of poetry.

This event will take place on May 21 @ 3:30.

Poetry hikes  started on September 20th 2008 and are now a monthly event.  Space is limited please contact Aaron Greenwood at coyote at abqnorthwest dot com.

More info here and here.

Check these out, and go if you’re able. I’m certain this event will be a joy…
–Lisa Gill