“East of Edith”

We’re officially naming the new Monday open mic, “East of Edith.”


Tonight was #2. A lovely reading with ten poets, including Kenneth Gurney, Susy Crandall, Jennifer Krohn, Tanaya Winder, Jennifer Simpson, Aaron Greenwood, Rich Boucher, Teresa Gallion, myself, and Michael C. Ford from LA….

Open mics are lovely ways to keep nurturing community and get a sense of what is making people tick… And sometimes the heads of barbies roll…. Or corn grows… And crows fly overhead with wingspans as wide as lonely…

We also got to share the reading of a “Rant” by Diane DiPrima that struck home for me today. Made me happy. (I am still contemplating the way the everyday war on the imagination can be battled….)

Next week I have to be in Santa Fe for a reading I look forward to at Collected Works, but Rich Boucher will host East of Edith in Albuquerque. And I’ll be back the following monday.

Hope to see you: Mondays 7:00pm at 3614 High Street (East of Edith, North of Candelaria)