We Want To Hear You!


I’m glad to announce that LPG is officially “ready” to start receiving your sound files, poets! If you’ve been to the audio archive page, you’ll know there’s only one file on there now; we’d love more. The point of the archive is that visitors to the website – and folks looking for potential feature poets – can listen to each poet, to further flesh out a bigger picture of each poet. If you have a listing on here and would like to have a sound clip of yourself speaking one of your poems posted to the archive, please send one (1) .mp3 file to
rabbitinvasion@gmail.com. Please put your first and last name in the subject line, along with the title of your poem. Also, for the time being, the audio files do need to be in .mp3 format. I’m looking forward to hearing you and hopefully adding your voice to the expanding chorus of voices on LPG!

– RB