And How Do You Like Your Film?

Bryan Konefsky likes his film. He’s about to launch another “Experiments in Cinema,” a beautiful festival in Albuquerque. For more information see this link.

And then, April 22nd, Konefsky will be joining me to show some amazing films that were made for the one-woman-show incarnation of my new book Caput Nili. (These films include “dancing mandarin oranges”, which I requested 🙂 ) He’ll also be showing “Operation Nightcrawler” to honor Earth Day (that’s my interpretation). I’ll be reading, also showing shorts by James Autio (which use my MRI brain scans) and one by Jeanne Liotta (which is based on star poems from “Dark Enough).

Renny Golden, author of Blood Desert, and Michael C. Ford, who has been nominated for a Pulitzer and a Grammy, will both also be reading. Cookies by Billy Brown. A lovely night: 3 poets, short films by 3 filmmakers, plus music by Mitch Rayes and Mark Weaver.

This event is a fundraiser for 516 WORDS, and costs $10, and is RSVP only. If you want more information, write lisa [at] 516arts [dot] org (or write to Localpoetsguild ) and I’ll tell you all about it.

Lisa Gill