Cost of Admission Comes with FLESH

At 7:30 pm on Saturday April 9th at the Outpost Performance Space 210 Yale SE, you can not only hear a fabulous show with poets Brendan Constantine, Peggy Dobreer, Mitch Rayes, Lisa Gill, plus musicians CK Barlow and Joseph Sabella, the whole group conducted by J.A. Dino, but you also get this cd, “Flesh Isn’t Real Dirt,” with your ticket for admission. $15/10 members. It’s going to be fun and I’m proud of this cd. Working with Dino and CK and Joseph was a dream. The acoustic environment created by the music in the studio was riveting. At times I was so enraptured that all I wanted to do was just stand still and listen, even collapse into the sounds, embraced by nuance. (Dino glared, and I got back to work.) There’s poetry with music and then there’s poetry as music. With the deft talents of CK and Dino reworking my words, layering them on top of my own live voice, plus a wildly intelligent substructure of sampling, and what can only be called the gifted finess of Joseph on tuba, percussion and drums, this project transcended all my expectations and opened my mind to a new way of being with music. My awe is only matched by my gratitude. It was an honor to be part of such a profound and phenomenal outpouring. Saturday will prove to be another such memorable outpouring I’m sure. Set 1 Pure Poetry. Set 2 Conducted Improvisation.—LG