A Few Things We Need

Hi Everyone,
So today we got a donation of hand-knitted blankets to go on the beds with the handmade bedframes. Yay! Both courtesy of some great mother energy. We’ve also had a nice coffee pot, towels, and sheets, donated. And a sofa. And kitchen wares.

Here I thought I’d tell you of a few things we still need to secure for the residency:

  • Lamps, both desk and floor lamps.
  • A stereo with cd player and radio.
  • Nicer rugs maybe, even small ones?
  • Art for the walls.
  • A small bookshelf we can fill with books by NM writers.
  • Books by NM writers.
  • rice cooker? crock pot?
  • if anyone had a better refrigerator, this one is old, noisy and consumes too much energy 😦

More as we figure out what will make it feel more homey.

If you’d like to donate something, just pop off an email to localpoetsguild at yahoo dot com.