Announcing “LAND IS” Writer’s Retreat

I think I’m going to call the Writer’s Retreat, “LAND IS”, variant on Landis, my mother’s maiden name, my grandmother’s married name. When I first moved to the Moriarty area, the flat plains at the lower elevation near town, and even the higher mesas and bluffs and ridges near where I lived, reminded me of North Dakota, where I was born, where my mother was raised, where my grandmother was from. It was a combination of the intense quality of sky, and the harshness of the elements. Most people, except a few who’ve hitchhiked across super-rural areas, can’t see the comparison. It’s ethereal. But anyhow, I thought perhaps the name of the residency should honor my grandmother Vernice Landis who passed in 2001.

See the web page for some photos and some more about the residency. It’s modest but it’s good.