Dear Poets

If you are unfamiliar with the Local Poets Guild, let me give you a little information. The mission of the Local Poets Guild is to advocate for poetry, develop audience, engage poets and foster the creative process, from conception and craft to publication and performance.

For the past six months, the Guild has been developing programming, remodeling a rural writer’s residency, creating a board of directors, writing grants, and beginning necessary paperwork to become a nonprofit. Now, we have just received our first substantial grant from the McCune Charitable Foundation!!! We appreciate their support tremendously and it will go a long ways towards making our volunteer efforts more effective.

Because so much is happening, beginning in April, I’m going send a Local Poets Guild newsletter once a month through a google groups listserve. Included will be upcoming Guild events, as well as information about our programming, which includes poetics talks, a rural residency, featured readings, open mics, nonviolence and writing to heal workshops and other opportunities. (If you want to receive the Guild newsletter but aren’t yet on the list, just pop an email to localpoetsguild [at] yahoo [dot] com and tell us to subscribe you!)

Now that some of the behind the scenes work is done, we are once again back to updating the information hub and calendar. I ask for your patience. We’ll be adding poets pages again soon and putting out a call for entries. Meanwhile, I’m trying to streamline the design of the website and fill in missing information.

I want to thank Rich Boucher for his tireless work helping me on the original web pages and Zach Kluckman for handling our FB page, doing preliminary PR, and for creating the online poetry calendar. Both have already helped a ton.

In April I’ll also be scheduling a public meeting where anyone interested in finding out what’s up can come, get the scoop, and get involved.