Announcing Our Board Members

As you may know, I am in the process of turning the Local Poets Guild into a full-fledged nonprofit. Today I want to happily announce the board members who will join me in helping the Local Poets Guild make decisions.

Hakim Bellamy. Not only is Hakim a tremendous poet, but he is deeply respected and valued in the community. I’ve also found him to be calm, level-headed, and a great negotiator. If you remember he won a Peace Prize from UNM. He’s an asset to Albuquerque and I trust and value his opinion implicitly.

Richard Vargas. With two books under his belt and more forthcoming, Richard is a valuable voice in poetry. He’s also a dedicated literary activist, having published the Tequilla Review and now the Mas Tequilla Review. Currently he is coordinating events for Alamosa Books. I count on him and know he’ll bring a great perspective and persevering spirit to the Local Poets Guild.

Carol Boss. Carol Boss is a community activist for peace, women’s voices, music and creative expression who uses the radio as her vehicle. A DJ for KUNM 89.9 FM, Carol has been supporting poetry on the airwaves, as well as protecting and valuing our community in everything she does. She’s also the best interviewer ever!!! And I wanted her on the board because she’ll ask good questions and provide a thoughtful and well-considered perspective.

Susan McAllister. Susan is a behind-the-scenes literary hero!!! Her advocacy over the years has been profound and includes events like the National Slam Championships in Albuquerque and so much more that I won’t even try to list it in this post. For now, what I want to say, is that poetry would not be thriving in Albuquerque today if it weren’t for Susan. And she has the kindest heart ever.

I’ll be posting official bios later. Today, I just wanted to say these are people I trust and value and I’m so glad they’ve agreed to be on the board for the Local Poets Guild.

Thanks to all the board members,

Lisa Gill