Does Poetry Matter–Katrina Guarascio

Poetry, like any other idea, matters to the person who holds that idea. Akin to religion or philosophy, poetry can be a sole expression which does not concern others and holds its value in the interpretation of those whom it interacts. Or poetry can be a statement, a political act, an artistic contribution. To ask “can poetry matter” the answer is simple. As long as poetry is produced, read, and appreciated, it matters to those committing the practice.

Does it matter to everyone? to the entire world? Maybe not, or at least not to the same degree, but neither do other popular beliefs different societies have learned to embrace. In argument, poetry is more universal and matters more because it serves as a common tongue with the chance of uniting people, something religion or philosophy cannot do.

Poetry has been used to teach to literacy and gain advocacy and awareness around Albuquerque. Our poetry community has given a voice and power to our youth. It has created identity, told truths, and spoken histories of New Mexico and her people. The more people are introduced to our poetry scene, the more these words, their message, and influence spreads.

Again, there are people who will never have a role for poetry in their lives, people for whom poetry does not and will not ever matter. But, more importantly, there are people who strive on poetry, those who are deeply moved or touched by something they read, as well as people who inspire revolution and independent thinking with their words. Poetry does matter to those people and will matter to future generations to come.

~Kat Guarascio