Another Call–from the Mutant

If you don’t know Mutantroot yet, check them out. Project is pretty amazing and shows a ton of initiative to help showcase a great deal of NM literary and visual talent. My favorite visual project (though many vie for top slot) is the Fascist Pig Series, which is wildly humorous, brilliant, and indicting. So, in case you are uninitiated, Mutant Root is a literary and visual collective that is open to new submissions of art and poetry from anyone who dares to enter the quirky surreal dark meta terrain of the truly odd reality we’re all actually plagued by. Or some such thing. I can’t do the Mutant justice in a quick blog post… but you can feed the mutant and help it grow. Just Submit.

Oh and the mutant has a guild page under publications (or will as soon as we can post the info)…