Still Calling ABQ Poets & Now Hosts/Organizers

We’ll be gathering info for poets pages for a while but now we’re ready to start building pages for ongoing reading series and events in the Albuquerque region. We’ll send invites as we get a chance, but you don’t have to wait for that. If you are an organizer or host, feel free to email with all the juicy details about your event series, including:

*When It Happens (ie. usually on a Saturday, third Thursdays, or every Sunday)
*Where It Happens (Venue and address)
*Is There a Cost?
*50-100 word description of the event.
*Contact information if people want to be involved or get info
*And don’t forget to attach a logo or performance image, or both, if you can.
*And give us any links if you have a website…

(We may build a stub with some basics while we wait for your response.)

And ABQ Poets, keep sending us your registration forms—or email and ask for one if you haven’t received yours yet. We’ll start Santa Fe area poets soon…